Amritsar International Airport – Car Rental


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The following local car rental companies are available in Amritsar Airport:
- Avis
- Dollar
- Hertz


Some of these companies can be found within Amritsar Airport in the car rental booths in the Arrivals Hall or at Amritsar city.

Online car rental

If you prefer you can book your car online through our search engine, it’s easy and fast to use!

Renting a car in Amritsar – Tips and advices

- A general advice for all travellers is not to drive for themselves around India.

- Since India is a country with a hot climate, hiring a car with AC is a must, though it may be more expensive than a car without AC.

- In many cases, renting a car in India will usually include a driver. Our recommendation is to rent a car with a driver. A local driver could drive easily in difficult road conditions and has a wide knowledge of the terrain.

- The stress level to drive in Amritsar is quite high (it is usual in many India cities). We do not recommend to try it unless you are used to drive under stressful conditions or you are familiar with the city. The most suitable option in this case is to rent a car with a driver.

- All the cars to hire in Amritsar airport comes with automatic transmission.

- You don’t need to pay for car insurance since in India is not prevalent