Amritsar Airport Guide to Amritsar Raja Sansi Airport ATQ

Amritsar International Airport Taxi options

Riding a taxi is without a doubt the best way to get directly to the city centre. 

Since prepaid taxis from the airport are available, is the most suitable option to ensure you’ll have a cab available and you won’t be overcharged to reach your final destination. 

You can also take a rickshaw or a cycle-rickshaw, but we do not recommend to take a taxi in case you take with large baggage. Also, rickshaws may not be allowed to enter to the airport facilities (many Indian airports ban their presence).

The trip will take you between 20 and 30 minutes. It will be up to the traffic. 


Taxis are available outside either Arrivals and Departures Hall of the terminal building at the taxi lines. 

Taxi companies

Some of the following taxi companies serve Amritsar Airport and surroundings: 

- Amritsar Airport Taxi (tel. +91 98883 04707)
- ARV Cabs (tel. +91 98883 02117)
- MM Cab & Taxi Service (tel. +91 99889 91460)

Opening hours: For MM Cab & Taxi Service is 24h., for Amritsar Airport Taxi and ARV Cabs until 11:00 pm. 

Book a taxi

You can book at pre-paid in the airport. You just need to go to the pre-paid taxi counters in the Arrivals Hall. Choose this option to avoid get overcharged.

Taxi Fares

Estimated fares to get to the city center from Amritsar airport are of INR 300.00. 

It is only allowed payment by cash.

Share a car

In order to get better prices, try apps like Uber or the local car sharing app Ola. 


Be aware to not to ride unofficial Amritsar Airport taxis or pirate taxis who also operate in Amritsar airport since they can scam you. Many tourists reported they were overcharged without a reason.

When you ride a taxi, ask to the driver for the meter, it needs to be turned on to begin with the ride, instead it may be suspicious of a possible scam. 

Also, you can negotiate fares with the driver. You need to make sure to arrange the price and destination with the driver, since many of them do not take into account that and overcharge. 

To avoid that kind of situations, pre-order your taxi in the pre-paid taxi booths in the Arrivals Hall. Even though, do not turn a blind eye on.